FitNotes iOS

Gym Workout Journal

An iOS alternative to FitNotes for Android


Record your workouts with a familiar and easy to use interface.


Graph your progress with any exercise. See the breakdown by body part.

Personal Records and Goals.

See when you hit a new personal record. Compare your records over time. Create custom goals.


Create workout templates to start your workout quickly. Similar to routines.

Body Weight and More

Record and graph your body weight, calorie intake, body measurements or any other metric you want.

Dark Mode

Supports both light and dark mode.

Never Lose Your Data

Backup to iCloud Drive and by email. Export a CSV to play with in Excel.

Migrate from Android FitNotes

Switched from Android to iPhone? You can import your FitNotes Android data and continue tracking your lifts.

Inspired by FitNotes for Android

We didn't create the FitNotes Android version, but we built this to be as familiar as possible while adapting to iOS.